Hanging at our old friend’s @criquetshirts clubhouse today in Austin.

That’ll do just fine.

at The Odeon Restaurant

at The Metropolitan Opera

at Pier 5 Soccer Fields

Watching Badlands tonight.

Photos of last wknd are up on our site blog “Being There” and out FB page for complete album. Shit entirely by @joeleonard / #northerngradegqnyc @gq (at Powerhouse Arena)

Pics of last weekend’s @gq x NG after hours private party are up on our Facebook page now. Shot by @melindamelmoth

Tucking into Terrence Malick’s Days of Heaven tonight.

We passed out our old Contax this weekend. Pics are up on our site and FB page. #northerngradegqnyc

Pack it up pack in it. @almondsurfboards and the rest of our friends are heading out. Thank you NYC. (at GQ x Northern Grade Pop-Up Shop)

Jenna Lyons and @billybelts talking shop. (at Powerhouse Arena)